July 26 2016


Achieving a state of tranquillity and playing for big wins no longer have to be mutually exclusive, thanks to NRVNA, The Nxt Xperience Slot.

A dreamy five-reel, 30 pay-line slot with a chilled-out soundtrack and space-age graphics, NRVNA lets you plot your own course, with adjustable bet levels and coin values, on each game.

You can stake anything from 1p to £150, and change your mind each bet, so just go where the mood takes you!

Despite NRVNA’s Zen vibe, there’s no shortage of action, with wild symbols - a glowing orange orb and a diamond – cropping up frequently.

There are also scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers along the way, and if you reach The NRVNA Wheel you can expect random x10 multipliers and/or additional free spins.

Encounter a new plane of gaming with NRVNA, The Nxt Xperience!

Available on:

Chomp Casino

Pots of Luck

Sapphire Rooms

Spin Princess

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