July 19 2016

The Luck of the Irish

Gamers have long enjoyed a love affair with the Irish, which can be clearly seen in the continued popularity of Irish-themed games. But what is it that draws so many players in?

Perhaps it’s simply the premise that the Irish are inherently lucky?

Despite the origins of this phrase not being known, and a suspicion that it was originally said in jest to describe the country’s tragic history, the notion of ‘the luck of the Irish’ persists.

Indeed, there are many symbols of good luck associated with the Irish, from the four-leaf clover or Shamrock, to harps, rainbows and leprechauns. These iconic images lend themselves well to online games, creating attractive graphics and easily-recognisable bonus symbols.

The UK’s favourite slot game remains Rainbow Riches, an Irish-themed, five-reel slot with a £100,000 jackpot, which enjoys unparalleled popularity.

As with many of the Irish games, the central character of Rainbow Riches is a mischievous leprechaun, who lives at the end of a rainbow, and can help you strike it rich with a pot of gold.

Similarly, Irish Eyes 1 & 2 and Shamrock ‘n’ Roll both feature leprechauns, and other Irish images which are associated with luck.

Subconsciously, it’s possible that players think that ‘the luck of the Irish’ will rub off on them when they choose an Irish slot.

Then there’s the almost mythical beauty of Ireland itself. The lush green fields and rolling hills of the Emerald Isle provide the perfect backdrop for a number of games.

Whatever the reason, the influx of Irish-themed games shows no signs of slowing down, and the players display no signs of tiring of these Gaelic gems.

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