July 21 2016

Zeus III

Greek mythology has always enchanted audiences. These tales of gods and goddesses, heroic men and beautiful women, feats of extreme courage and forbidden love have been woven into popular culture for generations, becoming part of our psyche.

The supreme ruler over god and man was Zeus, the son of titans Cronus and Rhea.

Known as the King of the Olympian Gods on Mount Olympus, the Father, and the Lord of the Sky, Zeus was a formidable and turbulent character. Conversely, he was also the God of Law and Order.

Depicted transforming himself into various creatures to seduce mortal women and goddesses, Zeus fathered many children, including Hercules, Helen of Troy and the nine Muses.

Myths of ancient Greece have endured over the centuries, featured in everything from Shakespeare’s plays to contemporary brand names such as Nike (the Greek goddess of Victory) and logos like TriStar Pictures’ Pegasus emblem.

Our appetite for these larger-than-life characters shows no signs of fading, with a collection of Ancient Greek-themed slot games arriving on the scene in the last few years.

One of the latest, Zeus III, is, as the name suggests, the third game in the Zeus series, (although Zeus II is inexplicably a Facebook slot) and, like its predecessor, the focus of the game is the titular God of Thunder and Lightning.

Already a legendary land-based slot, Zeus III is very popular with online audiences, who enjoy its unusual six reel layout, bright and attractive graphics, and the potential for God-like wins.

Featuring iconic symbols of Ancient Greek mythology, such as trireme warships, coins, helmets, the Temple of Olympian and the man himself with a thunderbolt clutched in his fist, Zeus III is a vibrant and volatile slot with high win potential.

Stakes start at just 40p a spin and go all the way up to £120 a spin, so the players shape their destinies.

Wild symbols trigger thunderous pay-outs and free spins, and a Nudging Wild (a full reel of logo symbols) will become a Nudging Reel, which is where the mightiest of wins occur.

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